Human Interest​/​Human Nature

from by Lights, Camera, Attraction!



Dip your feet into the shallow water.
Cleanse your face feel the cold embrace of,
The wind picks up; moves you are a grain of sand at the centre of playground in your hometown.
As a child you are lonely bastard.
Single mother with ambition for two.
It’s not enough to see your lifelines limit on calloused hands with a canvas of blue
You are cold hungry and weak.
Insomnia has murdered your want and need for sleep.
Pick up your head, cut the puppeteers thread
Walk these streets, pick up your feet.
You’ll need them so you can run.

Human Interest. Human Nature.

Head first straight into the deep end you’ve used your lifelines you’re on your own from here now kids.
You’ve fallen flat on your face, you’re last place in this human race.
I will carry you for as long as I could.
Until my back caves in, until my will gives in.
It’s not in my interest
But it’s in my nature to care like I do, to watch over you.
It’s not human interest but it’s my human nature to pick you up and put you back on your feet.

You can run without hope if your hearts in your throat.
You can build yourself up to who you needed to be.
For me.

Human interest. Human nature.
Human interest. Human nature.


from Saṃsāra, released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Lights, Camera, Attraction! England, UK

Homegrown Pop Punk quartet. Est 2009.

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